I remember driving down Perimeter Road, watching this gigantic building being erected, and wondering what it was. Then one day a few months later, a sign appeared announcing, the Tune Hotel coming soon. At the time I had no idea what the Tune hotel was, but judging by the speed it was being constructed and the huge advertising sign, there was obviously some money behind it.

To this day I have never stayed in a pay as you use hotel but I find the concept intriguing, especially since it appeared in Angeles first, before Manila and Cebu. This was clearly a sign of things to come, and it emphasized for me how Angeles is changing. This is an international chain of budget hotels, and here they were building a ten story



Tune Hotel - Angeles City (Clark Airport) Don Juico Avenue, Malabanias,
Angeles City, Pampanga
Philippines Tel : +63 45 459-0888

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

PrebookedWalk in
Cozy Packaged420p520p
Comfort Package240p260p
Air conditioning 12 hours 200p
Air conditioning 24 hours 350 PHP.
Towels 90p, Free toiletries
WiFi Internet 12H 120p, 24H 240p
Early arrival add-on 300p
Late departure add-on 300p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Regular Double Room

Twin Room

Basic Room Fixtures

165 room hotel in dusty little Angeles. Gone were the days of the little pension house hotels, and the home away from home approach, for better or worse big business had moved into town and they were here to stay.

I also notice Tune has a several hotels in Malaysia, so the brand name is likely very familiar to Malaysians, who thanks to direct flights, are landing at Clark in ever increasing numbers.

Tune Angeles is part of an international company and certainly represents big business interests, making an incursion into Angeles. Now some may say the big business hotels were already here, and they would be right, but there is an essential difference between them and the Tune. The other big business hotels represent the high end market, where people pay for a luxurious, somewhat personalized experience. The Tune on the other hand, is geared towards the budget traveler, who is looking for a basic, no frills, lower cost room, that is clean and secure. This is based solely on practicality for the short stay customer, rather than the long term stay.

The concept of Tune Hotels is based around simplicity, affordability, convenience, and a no frills approach. Like the budget airways, the concept of 'pay as you use', is the cornerstone of this hotels marketing approach. The 'pay as you use' concept is almost tailor made for tough economic times and seems to be gaining popularity, among customers all over the world. Under the concept, guests only have to pay the standard room rates and are then given the option of adding on other amenities at prescribed prices. These amenities are charged at set rates and are charged according to use.

The cornerstones of the philosophy behind Tune Hotels is expressed in their promotional literature, "The Tune Hotel concept revolves around the key fundamental requirements and expectations of a hotel guest, this includes rooms with high quality beds high performance showers, clean and secure environment and a strategic location". In my opinion Tune Hotel Angeles certainly encompasses these attributes.

The room prices of Tune Hotel Angeles are certainly competitive, and for what you get, some of the best value in town, however, I find the charging method for the rooms a little bit beguiling because there is no set price. The basic price will vary anywhere from, 580 piso, through to 1,200 piso, depending on, how you book the room, how much in advance you book the room, what time of year and what time of the week it is. The bottom line here, is that the basic price will vary depending on the level of occupancy.

For example on the weekends the hotel is virtually 100% full and as a result the basic room prices will rise. During the weekdays, the occupancy level will fall, and correspondingly, so do the prices.

Once customers have ascertained the basic price applicable to their time of stay, they can then choose the various add-ons, they require. For example, if the basic room price is 800 piso, guests may then choose the various add-ons, such as, towels, toiletries, air-conditioning, in-room wifi, etc. The hotel allows you to add-on any of these services that you wish to avail of, or simply forgo them, and not be charged for them. For simplicity's sake the various add-ons are categorized into packages such as, the Cozy Package and the Comfort Package. I will give the details of the various packages, later in this report.

The Tune Hotel Angeles City is an ambitious project in that it is a large hotel comprising 10 floors and 165 rooms. This 165 rooms is made up of 123 Double Rooms (inclusive of 2 wheelchair-friendly Double Rooms); and 42 Twin Rooms. These rooms are charged at the basic rate (whatever that may be) and then patrons are given the choice of various add-on’s which they are charged for accordingly.

The Add-On Packages are as follows.

Cozy Package:
The Cozy Package includes
1: Basic room price
2: 12 hours use of Air Conditioner
3: Towel and Toiletries 1 set

A Cozy Package utilizing a double room and booked over the internet would amount to basic price plus PhP 420. For walk in customers its basic price plus PhP 520.

Entertainment package:
The Entertainment package features the following
1: Basic room price
2: 24 hour cable television usage
3: The entertainment package is basic room price plus PhP 130.

Comfort Package
The Comfort Package includes the basic cost of the room plus 12 hours use of the Air Conditioner, 1 Towel, 1 packet of shampoo, 1 bar of soap.
If booked over the internet it's basic room price plus PhP 240 Walk in price PhP 260.

Air Conditioning
Each room comes complete with a single air-conditioning unit but usage is charged over and above the basic room cost. The air-conditioning costs are 12 hrs at PHP 200 and 24 hrs at PHP 350.

Towel rental and toiletries
In the Philippines the towel rental is 90 piso and the toiletries set is free.

A WiFi internet package is available and added on to the price of the room. The internet usage is charged over a 12 hour interval or a 24 hour interval. The charges are as follows:
WIFI Internet Connection per device
PHP120 per 12 hours
PHP240 per 24 hours

Entertainment package.
All Tune Hotel rooms come complete with a television connected to local channels and international channels through the local cable network. Television usage is charged as a 130 piso add-on to the basic room price.

Early Arrival - Add on*
The normal check in time for Tune hotels is 2PM however an early check in add on may be purchased which allows guests to check in as early as 11AM. This must be pre-purchased and costs PhP300.

Late Departure - Add on*
The normal check out time for Tune hotels is 11AM however a late check out add-on may be purchased. This costs 300 piso and allows guests to check out as late as 2PM.

Tune hotel has all the conveniences of a modern day hotel for example the reception is manned 24/7, there are wheelchair access rooms and non smoking rooms, CCTV runs 24/7 giving added security, in room safes and there are in house shops and a restaurant.

I find the Tune Hotel clean, functional, convenient, organized and best of all easy on the wallet. The 'pay as you use' concept is perfect for travelers with limited time, and a more restricted budget. This is a back to basics hotel where you get exactly what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less. For those of you who regard a hotel as merely a functional place to stay and are on a tighter budget then this hotel is definitely for you. The best prices are to be had by booking well in advance on line and the entire hotel is set up to revolve around on line bookings.



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