Believe it or not I have very fond memories of this hotel as it was one of the first establishments I visited in Angeles. I first discovered it back in early 1992 when it was one of the few hotels left in Angeles that had escaped the ravages of Pinatubo relatively unscathed. Back then it was named the Executive Hotel which then went on to become the Southern Star Hotel which then went on to become the Sydney Hotel. Over the years the name may have changed but the hotel has remained pretty much the same. Yes the various owners have made a few upgrades here and there but essentially it is the same hotel as it was 20 years ago. That is until now because as you will see this Hotel is about to change bigtime.



Address: 1934 Sampanguit St. Clarkview, Angeles City
Tel #: (045) 893-1200
(045) 892-6269
Cel #: 0917-343-2734

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Standard Room1,600p
Deluxe 1,800p

Price Updated On: 05/10/14

Simple room amenites

Restaurant under construction

One of the room

When I first discovered this hotel it was during my very first trip to Angeles where a few guys whom I had been running around with invited me to a birthday party for some local Australian icon named Chyan. At the time I think the hotel was called the Executive and our little group rocked walked into the main foyer through the main corridor and there was a bunch of guys all sitting around drinking San Miguel beer and enjoying some Aussie snags (sausages) and barbeque steaks. We helped ourselves to some beer and food then all of a sudden this huge guy in denim overalls burst out into a rousing rendition of Waltzing Matilda that could have been heard half a mile away. As it turned out this was the birthday celebrant and this was to be my introduction to the Executive Hotel and the slice of raw Aussie culture it represented in the heart of the dustbowl Angeles, Philippines.

Back in 1992 the hotel could best be described as basic but functional and that description is just as applicable today. Like many hotels built in the eighties it features long corridors which are almost maze like and the rooms are on both sides of the corridor. The rooms as I said are basic yet for me I find them comfortable. Currently there are approximately 38 rooms and these are divided into Standard, Deluxe and Superior. The Standard rooms cost 1300p per night, the Deluxe are 1500 per night and the Superior cost 1800 per night. These prices can and will be lowered during the low season.

All rooms include include double bed, hot and cold water shower, large bathroom, mini-bar in room refrigerator and a writing desk. One thing I like about the rooms is that they are large and very quiet and afford all the privacy occupants may desire.

The Deluxe rooms and the Superior rooms are pretty much the same as the Standard rooms except larger and the bed is larger. There is also a large wooden wardrobe and solid wooden writing desk in the Superior rooms. The fittings in all the rooms are old yet sturdy and every room is immaculately clean with fresh coat of paint. Currently this hotel is undergoing major reconstruction as they are adding an entire new wing and a new swimming pool out the back. They are also totally revamping the restaurant and even though this is a work in progress the hotel manager assured me the kitchen still produces some excellent dishes for the enjoyment of the hotels patrons.

With the proliferation of new hotels in modern day Angeles most with a more convenient location in terms of access to the main entertainment district the Sydney Hotel would now be an out of the way hotel however for me this has never been a problem since it helps give me the feeling I am truly on holiday.

They also have a free shuttle service in the form of a Star Ex van which will transport you anywhere in the local area you want to go and their are a series of trikes that park outside the hotel to transport patrons. The Sydney Hotel is now owned by Koreans and I predict that in the long term they will target the Korean market however for now it is still somewhat of an Aussie haven albeit one that is under construction and is destined in my opinion to become something new and totally different from what it was. In fact a development such as this in this location, clearly demonstrates the optimistic future of Angeles as seen by foreign business interests.

The days of old Bill Powell sitting around the poolside restaurant area regaling people with his caustic wit as he finished his first bottle of Stolichnaya for breakfast, are long gone. So to are the days of the classic Aussie hotel where the boys would sit around and enjoy swapping tall tales whilst dinning on barbequed steaks and listening to rousing renditions of Waltzing Matilda. Some will say they much prefer the hotel the way it was before but this in my opinion is naive. Change is inevitable and in the near future this will no doubt be a brand spanking new hotel ranking amongst some of the very best mid range priced hotels in Angeles. Yes they will probably highlight the Korean market but as the Filipino Hotel Manager told me they will try to target all markets by making their hotel as good as it possibly can be at as reasonable a price as it can be. To achieve this they have a long way to go both in terms of construction and facilities and in my opinion this will be an interesting project to watch and see how it develops.

Currently this is very much an old school Angeles hotel but in the very near future it will have undergone a significant face lift and development thereby combining the old Angeles together with the new in the very same compound. This hotel is often overlooked by the mainstream customers and it is a handy one to know about should you be looking for a room when the other hotels are fully booked.

This hotel does not recognize the Asian Escapades discount however if enough members stay there and they begin to see a regular AE customer base then the manager assures me they will instigate the AE discount.



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