With a name like Scorebirds hotel I should have guessed this hotel is about as far away from your ordinary run of the mill Angeles hotel as you can get.

To be honest it is a different concept quite unlike any other hotel in Angeles. As Phoenix said to me when we were there taking pictures, "this is like a cross between a hotel and a entertainment complex" When he said this he was looking directly at the first floor and as I followed his gaze I realized what he was talking about. The entire first floor is composed of a restaurant together with tables and chairs all overlooking the pool.

Very obviously this area is designed for



Address: Vian St., Balibago, Angeles City

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Suite: 4,300p

Superior: 3,600p

Deluxe King: 2,900p

Deluxe Queen: 2,700p

Standard: 2,500p (500p for 3 hours)




people who frequent the hotel when they have one of the dollhouse group shows.

They could have used this area as room space but instead it serves as a party stroke entertainment area. And judging by the number of parties (with the huge amount of girls) that are held at this hotel, I would guess the entertainment area has proved a fortuitous move by the DollHouse group owners.

I found this hotel interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly it is in an interesting location. Technically it is located on Vian Street which is just a short stroll from the action on Fields Avenue, yet at the same time far enough away to give guests a sense of privacy, if that is what's needed.

Secondly they have designed the hotel around the swimming pool and it has a sort of down scale Club Med meets the playboy mansion feel about it. This is very obviously a venue designed for the party goers who want to let their hair down and have a fun time in Angeles.

Thirdly, the rooms themselves are interesting. They range from the large luxuriously appointed suite through to the basic short time room room which can be rented out at a rate of 500 piso for 3 hours. The suites feature two split type air conditioners, a private kitchenette, large flat screen TV, tasteful decorations, shower and toilet area, a king sized bed, built in wardrobe, a large wall mirror, fully stocked mini bar, a room safe, a writing table and an electric hot plate, through to your basic short time room which feature a large bed, a wall mirror, a minibar, a split type air conditioner and a shower/toilet area.

Other types of rooms include the deluxe king and the deluxe queen which are obviously based on the bed size. These rooms also have the basic necessities such as split type air conditioners, shower and toilet area wall mounted bed side mirrors, flat screen TV, room safe, built in wardrobe etc.

One of the unique features of Scorebirds Hotel is the unlimited free drinking water offered in 90% of the rooms.This comes in 5 gallon dispensers.

During the day time the hotel offers a limited menu from the bar featuring daily specials such as soup, salads, some pastries, some sandwiches and a limited breakfast selection.

Another interesting concept is the fact that they often play movies using the wall of the Grand Pharaoh building as a giant screen. I must admit to being quietly impressed by this and I could easily see myself relaxing poolside sipping exotic cocktails with a beautiful companion while watching a movie. This would be something akin to an an outside cinema with added benefits.

While on the subject of movies they also have a deal where guests can pay 100 piso and receive one terabit of movies, for a 24 hour period. The TB drives plug into the USB port on the TV and are loaded with 700 or so movies. If interested parties want something more than the satellite offerings... 50p per day.

Another thing I liked about here was the staff. From the doorman and the front desk receptionist, through to housekeeping staff and bar staff all very friendly and eager to answer questions or be of help in any way possible.

By far the centerpiece of this hotel and the dominant attraction is the swimming pool. The pool in itself is quite impressive but it is made more so by the fact that it is used to host the DollHouse pool parties which literally include hundreds of girls. There is a volleyball net hung in the middle of the pool and a sort of raised podium with four comfortable deck chairs. These are most likely used by the judges for the various beauty competitions and pool parties that are conducted here but on a non party day I think they would make great chairs to sit in and just enjoy a lazy sun drenched afternoon poolside.

On the ground floor they have the reception desk which is situated on the right hand side as you walk in and then on the left hand side they have the fully stocked wet bar area that serves food and beverages.

At the time of writing this review there was still construction work going on as they were in the process of constructing the roof top penthouse but once inside the room with the door shut it was completely silent with no unwanted sounds from outside intruding.

Personally speaking I am not sure I would stay here because I tend to do my partying inside the bars and veer towards the more laid back hotels. Scorebirds is designed for the energetic party man, who has money to spend, and likes continuous action as well as a certain level of luxury. At least this is the impression I got.

Discounts are available for long term occupants. For example a 10& discount is offered for those who stay a minimum of 1 week and pay by cash.

All in all I found this hotel interesting because the concept behind it goes way beyond a hotel being accommodation. This is accommodation with all the mod cons as well as being party central. Best of all, considering the current hotel offers available in today's Angeles, I believe this is competitively priced.



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