In many of my posts readers will have no doubt seen me using the term "old school" and this is exactly what the Premier Hotel is, the classic "old school" Angeles Hotel. I am not sure when the Premiere hotel first opened but it came under its current ownership in 1994 and has been going strong ever since. Many new competing hotels have appeared since the Premier opened but the Premiere has survived by adhering to the time honored principals of decent rooms, good food, supplying the basic amenities, a friendly cozy ambience, a nice swimming pool and of course a very competitive price structure. This is in many ways the classic Angeles hotel and represents excellent value for money.



Malabanis Rd, Clarkview, Angeles City
Tel #: (63) 045-888-2755
(63) 045-892-5692
(63) 045-322-2664
Fax #: (63) 045-888-2310

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Standard Room1,300p
Deluxe Room1,600p
Family Apartment3,300p

Price Updated On: 01/10/14

In addition Premiere Hotel offers all Asian Escapades members a further 10% discount off your entire bill.

Deluxe Room

Standard Room

Pool Area

The Premiere is not exactly centrally located but it is only a five minute trike drive from the heart of Fields and its location is perfect for those who prefer a little bit of seclusion and privacy. The owners are Swiss and originally this hotel was targeted towards the Swiss and German clientele and whilst they still make up the majority of customers there is a new manager who hails from England and is instigating various changes to make the hotel more attractive to other nationalities.

Being Swiss owned the Premiere hotel staff have been trained to be efficient and courteous and all the basic needs of any visitor to Angeles are right at your fingertips as soon as you enter the main lobby. As you walk in the guard will open the hotel front door and visitors are greeted by a spotlessly clean lobby along with a curtain of cool air. On the left hand side is the main reception area which is manned by friendly and efficient staff who will greet you with a smile and quickly check you in with the minimum of fuss. On the right hand side is a travel agency and a small souvenir shop both of which come in very handy for hotel patrons.

The rooms at the Premiere are basic yet there is everything one could need. The beds are large and sturdy and at the same time comfortable, there is the necessary furniture which includes a built in wardrobe, bedside tables and a writing desk, good efficient air conditioning, soft lighting complete with overhead bed lights, large bedside mirrors and a decent toilet and shower area. The rooms are cleaned everyday whether or not they are being occupied and often Robbie the new manager will oversee the cleaning ensuring that everything is done correctly and the rooms are kept spotlessly clean. All rooms include cable television and DVD players for in room entertainment purposes. The rooms at the Premiere are functional, practical and as readers can see from the above table very reasonably priced.

One of the main attractions of the Premiere hotel is its open air restaurant and entertainment area which is situated behind the main reception area over looking the pool. This area features extensive use of stained bamboo and a ‘nippa’ hut style roof which combine to give it a distinctly Filipino feel. The central attraction of the outside dinning and enetrtainment area is the wet bar which is large and can seat up to 12 people around it. Over the years this has been the setting for many a tall tale as the long term expatriates mingle with regular tourists over a cold beer and a wholesome meal.As an added attraction the girls behind the bar are friendly and efficient and will be quick to greet you with an engaging smile as they serve you with a drink or a meal.

Surrounding the wet bar area is the main restaurant area which can seat up to 40 people. This is an open air restaurant which is quite large and in a rustic sort of way very comfortable. Many a delicious meal has been served here and probably still will be for many years to come. The cuisine served is primarily Swiss and German but along with the renovations which the hotel is currently undergoing there will be a new expanded menu which will include meals more in line with other nationalities taste buds.

Next to the restaurant is the hotel swimming pool. This is an old pool yet immaculately maintained it is approximately 20 foot long and always delightfully warm as the early morning sun heats it early and it stays warm throughout the day and night. Around the pool there are a number of deck chairs which are often used by hotel guests and visitors alike. Slightly above the pool is a smaller pool which is great for families with children or it can be used as a type of spa area. They charge 150 peso per head for non hotel patrons to utilize the pool.

This pool area has for a long time been one of my favorites in Angeles simply because it is always quiet and perfect for relaxing. In front of the pool in the area facing Fields Avenue are a series of nippa huts which provide yet another area of peacefulness and seclusion. This area used to play host to a put-put course but do to lack of use it has now been converted to a sort of garden area together with nippa huts where hotel patrons will often enjoy a quiet meal or cup of coffee far away from the hustle and bustle of Fields Avenue.

The Premiere Hotel is classic ‘old school’ Angeles and in many ways incorporates the aura of Angeles as it used to be in days gone by. The hotel is currently undergoing extensive renovations but when finished the manager assured us the room and food and beverage prices will still be very reasonable. Over the years of operation this hotel has developed a loyal following of dedicated guests and it is my belief this will certainly be the case for many years to come.

For those of you who are adhering to a budget the Premier Hotel certainly fit’s the bill and with the Asian Escapades 10% discount it is amongst the best value hotels in AC.

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