Established back in 1993, the Phoenix hotel is so named because like the legendary Phoenix it rose from the ashes of a volcanic explosion and in so doing heralded the new development of AC. After Mount Pinatubo exploded the town was literally devastated and the Phoenix was one of the first new hotels to be developed. In terms of the Angeles hotels scene the Phoenix is basically what I call a mid-age hotel. It is not pre Pinatubo like the Maharaja, Oasis, or Swagman and it is not a brand spanking new establishment catering for the top end customers.The Phoenix is right in the middle and in many ways represents the classic Angeles hotel.




810 Malabanias Corner of Perimeter Road Angeles City Philippines

Telephone Nos. (63)
(45) 888-2195, (45) 888-2196,
(45) 892-0089, (45) 892-5881,
(45) 892-7488
Fax (63) (45) 322-2074


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The Phoenix is right in the middle and in many ways represents the classic Angeles hotel.

The Phoenix has survived and prospered by adhering to the old adage “when you’re on a good thing stick to it”. Right from the start this was a basic mid-range hotel with mid-range prices, good food, large but no frills rooms all, friendly and efficient management, a socially active bar/dining hall and pool room and a handy location giving easy access to Perimeter Road bars. These are the basic factors which over the years have attracted a large number of dedicated Phoenix hotel patrons and will no doubt continue to do so for many years to come.

The Phoenix was originally owned and managed by Owen who several years ago passed away and was replaced with Pig, a well known Angeles bar manger turned hotel manager, longtime resident and most certainly, a colorful character. The Pig can be found holding court in the dining area most days of the week and he will nearly always be surrounded by a solid core of expats and long term Phoenix hotel patrons. The Pig s also a recognized quality pool player and as the Phoenix has its own pool team which takes part in a weekly competition it is not unusual to find him playing a game or two on the Phoenix table.

The Phoenix is now approaching legendary status amongst long term Angeles expats and visitors. Customers know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost them. As Angeles has developed, many luxurious new hotels have sprung up, however despite the changes and new development, the Phoenix maintains a steady occupancy rate and an ever increasing amount of loyal patrons who have made this their choice of occupancy. In modern day Angeles the Phoenix acts as a beacon of consistency where patrons know exactly what they will get and how much it will cost them.

The Phoenix in many ways reminds me of an up-market Australian motel. Despite the changes throughout Angeles the Phoenix remains the same and this means good reliable service, large reasonably priced rooms with the necessary amenities, excellent food at realistic prices, efficient service and catering to the customer needs, all combining together to make it the classic old school Angeles hotel.

The Phoenix is in a very handy location. Being situated on the corner of Malabanias Street and Perimeter Road the hotels location allows patrons easy access to a number of Perimeter Road Bars, and some of Angeles finest restaurants.

The location is a little distant from Fields Avenue the main strip of bars but for the fit and active it is only a quick stroll and in terms of public transport it is a short jeepney or trike ride away.

The reception area of any hotel is extremely important not only because it is the first point of contact and determines the initial impression but also because it acts as a nerve center controlling the functions of the hotel and providing answers to customer questions.

At the Phoenix the reception area seems to be small and laid back with an air of casual efficiency. As in so many things in life looks can be deceiving and this is certainly the case here. Although it doesn’t look it the reception area is actually highly organized, well equipped and compact. The friendly staff is well trained to answer any questions you may have. Of course the receptionists have excellent command of English and a very good knowledge of Angeles as a whole.

Here at the reception area you can see world time zones, gather information regarding the hotel such as bookings, room availability and costs, foreign currency exchange, safety boxes, airport transfers from Manila or Clark, internet access and fax service, and of course information on things to do around Angeles.

There is an old adage in the hotel business which states the more rooms you have the more money you will make. The Phoenix hotel only had a limited amount of space on which to build but rather than try to cram as many rooms as possible into a small space they have instead concentrated on making each room a decent size and incorporated all the necessary amenities.

The Phoenix incorporates 32 comfortable and spacious rooms which feature wall to wall carpet, a comfortable queen size bed, dresser table with bed side light, fully stocked mini-bar with products sold at bar prices, quiet but efficient air-conditioning systems, hot and cold water showers with excellent water pressure, telephone, cable television with ESPN/Star Sports and 8 movie channels.

As an added bonus for hotel patrons the Phoenix hotel owners have now installed a Satellite dish which gives guests access to extra sporting channels including both US and Australian sporting channels. The hotel also has a number of DVD players and DVD’s available for guests use for no extra cost. The rooms also have power 24/7 as the Phoenix has a powerful generator so as to avoid brown out problems.
The rooms at the Phoenix are not plush and opulent but rather represent a very reasonably priced, comfortable, spacious and functional mid-range hotel rooms. All the modern day amenities are here and the rooms are serviced by 24 hour room service and a daily laundry service.

If there is something to criticize it’s the lack of a view or a balcony which for some will give the room a box like feeling. For me this was not a problem since I don’t come to a hotel in Angeles for fresh air and a view secondly lack of windows or a balcony give guests a heightened sense of security and privacy.

There are three types of rooms ranging from the standard room, which is basically a bit smaller and older, through to the deluxe room and the large V.I.P Room. There are also special nonsmoking rooms.

One highlight of the Phoenix is its bar and restaurant area. Over the years this has become renowned as a central meeting place for hotel guests and long term Angeles expatriates all of whom come here to congregate over a cold beer, or view a particular sporting event, enjoy a game of pool or simply to savor some of the Phoenix’s renowned international dishes from the restaurant.

Many expats can regularly be found here normally sitting around the bar enjoying a sporting event and swapping a few yarns. This area is literally a fountain of knowledge and to find out what is going on around town one just has to sit here for a while keeping his ears and eyes open. This area is reminiscent of the Aussie and to a lesser extent the English pub. The guys who drink here tend to be either long term residents or long term guests who have been coming here or lived here for years.

One major attraction of the Phoenix hotel is its food. The Phoenix has always been known for large servings of excellently prepared and very tasty food. The menu here is extensive featuring standard fare from Australia America and England. They even have curry Steve’s Indian curry’s which are made fresh on the premises.

Like the Clarkton this restaurant has an enviable reputation for providing quality food at very decent prices and people literally come from miles around to eat here.

The Phoenix Hotel is the classic mid-range hotel and represents in many ways the quintessential Angeles hotel. Whilst it is not the super cheap end of the market it is also not the upper end of the market. The Phoenix is in many ways the archetypal Angeles Hotel with decent size room’s incorporating all the necessary amenities, very reasonable pricing, excellent food and 24 hour room service, a swimming pool, BBQ area, knowledgeable friendly staff, a socially active restaurant/bar/pool room and a handy location giving guests easy access to a number of Perimeter Road bars and only a short distance from the main strip Fields Avenue.

The Phoenix Hotel is well established and over the years has developed a very loyal and steady customer base. The staff there are friendly and knowledgeable always ready to answer any questions their guests may have. For reservations from overseas you may fill in the reservations form on the website or simply contact the hotel on any of their numbers:

The Phoenix hotel accepts all major credit cards including American Express, Visa Master-card and JCB cards.

Currently there is no AE discount but negotiations are underway and we hope to be able to announce one soon.



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