Pacific Breeze
Just as a nice cool breeze represents a pleasant change to Pacific Islanders so does the Pacific Breeze Hotel to the Angeles Hotel scene.
The Pacific Breeze is yet another hotel that marks the changing face of Angeles. This is an interesting hotel in that it is marketed exactly the right way for the existing Angeles market. For example the owners Guy and Roselle were originally behind the renovation of the old Chicago Park Hotel as it became the new Central Park Hotel and the lessons they learnt there have clearly been implemented in the Pacific BreezeThrough their experience with the Central Park they learnt exactly what to do to create the perfect hotel for Angeles city.



1888 Vian Street Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines, 2009

Fax: (63-45)892-5293
Cell phone: 0928-5000675
Tel: (63-45)322-1265 or 625-6494/6495


Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Deluxe Rom2,100p
Executive Room2,500p
Executive Plus Room2,700p
Premiere Jacuzzi Room 3,300p
Grand Jacuzzi Room3,700p
Poolside Jacuzzi Room3,700p
Admiral Suite 4,600p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14




Bar area

Through their experience with the Central Park they learnt exactly what to do to create the perfect hotel for Angeles city. For example this hotel was started from scratch and the main building was constructed in a mere 11 months with the 54 room annex (also known as the Oahu wing) being completed in a further 6 months. Given the tools and the lack of Filipino work ethics this is an amazing achievement.

Their experience is also clearly shown in the comfortable yet practical design that combines just the right amount of luxury and comfort whilst allowing for efficiency and practicality.

The rooms are exactly the right size not to big, not to small. The king sized beds are big and comfortable there is excellent air conditioning in all rooms together with overhead fans. All rooms feature basic yet tasteful decorations. The bathrooms are the right size and all have excellent hot and cold water pressure. All rooms feature heavy drapes which keep the light and the noise out whilst ensuring guests privacy. The hotel is centrally located being 3 minutes walk from the heart of Fields Avenue, has a nice swimming pool area, a pleasant outside dining area, very friendly staff, efficient room service, and a main lobby that combines comfort and practicality. Most importantly the rooms are priced exactly right for the existing Angeles market.

The main lobby of any hotel is tremendously important in that it is the first point of contact and creates the initial impression for prospective guests. Secondly it acts as a central hub for the entire hotels operation.

The main foyer of the Pacific Breeze combines spaciousness and practicality, comfort and efficiency. The girls at the front desk are very friendly and extremely helpful. They are the first and last point of contact for all hotel guests and as a result they have been thoroughly trained. Whilst taking photographs for this report I witnessed several guests asking the girls a number of diverse questions. All questions were answered and the guests were satisfied.

The main foyer combines comfort with practicality and a fine example of this is the lounge chair situated against the back window which makes the perfect area to wait should an unforeseen delay occur.

To the right of the main desk underneath the staircase is an excellent travel agency service. To the right of the main desk underneath the staircase is an excellent travel agency service. And slightly to the right behind the front desk area are two private internet rooms.

The Pacific Island theme is created by tasteful artwork and carvings discreetly placed throughout the main foyer.

This is only a little thing but very important in terms of the hotels ambience and the guests initial impression. Just off to the right running above the travel agency is a curved set of stairs which lead to the first floor rooms.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any hotel is the hotel rooms. In the Pacific Breeze they have seven different types of rooms all attractively decorated rooms and suites situated throughout the main building and the Oahu Wing annex.

All rooms are equipped with the following features:

: DVD Player with remote
: Remote Control Color TV
: Cable TV with CNN/FOX/HBO/Cinemax and many other
International channels
: Free High-Speed Internet Access
: In Room Direct Dial Phones
: Air Conditioning with Overhead Fans
: Large Wardrobe/Closet
: Large In Room Programmable Safety Boxes (Laptop
: Stocked Mini bar
: Breakfast Table with Chairs

Available only in the Oahu Wing annex, these rooms represent another choice of affordable quality accommodations. Slightly smaller in size than the Executive rooms, the deluxe rooms contain all of the same features as the Executive type rooms, but at a lower room rate. These rooms are fitted with quality US queen size beds.

Making up the majority of the 106 Pacific Breeze rooms, our executive type rooms were designed with the budget conscious yet quality seeking customer in mind. These rooms are fitted with one US king size bed, a large colored TV, a refrigerator, a split-type air conditioning unit, a ceiling fan, a breakfast table and chairs, a desk, a large in-room digital safe (laptop friendly) and much more.

In addition to having all of the same amenities as the executive rooms, large bathtubs have been added to these rooms for increased customer satisfaction. If you want a room with a bathtub be sure to select the ‘executive plus’ room.

These beautifully furnished rooms have it all. In addition to the furnishings of the executive rooms, these rooms are outfitted with larger TVs and large Jacuzzis. Let your imagination guide you. For those romantic evenings, these rooms are sure to please. Candles and bubble bath are available in the room for purchase.

If you are looking for even more space in a uniquely shaped room, this room is for you. Larger than the premiere Jacuzzi rooms, these room are also fitted with larger TVs and all of them have private outdoor balconies

If you are looking for Jacuzzi room with a private balcony overlooking the pool, this is your room. When booking make sure you select the poolside Jacuzzi room. There are only two of these rooms, so if you want to secure one book early.

This is a one of a kind suite which the owners proudly boast cannot be beaten. The largest of all the lodging offerings with the most spectacular view of the surrounding area and overlooking the swimming pool, your satisfaction is guaranteed. It’s equipped with a large Jacuzzi, private outdoor balcony and much more. Great for those special occasions when you want the best. Be sure to book as early as possible. Again, there is only one Admiral Suite.

The outside dining area is basically a small restaurant capable of seating approximately 40 people. It is based around a central alcohol and food serving area.

The restaurant features comfortable wicker seats and serves a full range of food and alcohol. From San Miguel beer and tasty snacks through to exotic cocktails and three course meals this area has it all.

There are JBL speakers placed discreetly on the side walls so guests can enjoy the tropical ambience as they sample the culinary delights.

The swimming pool is oval shaped and about 3 foot deep at the shallow end and 6 foot deep at the deep end. Scattered around the pool are a series of plastic chairs and tables allowing guests to recline in the sun or enjoy a meal pool side. There is also a sort of shower area which is often enjoyed by hotel patrons

The hotel features long corridors which are kept immaculately clean by hard working hotel staff. The main building comprises four stories all in an oval configuration loosely revolving around the fountain on the ground floor. The main building comprises 52 rooms with 4 Jacuzzi rooms. The price ranges from $40 a night for the Executive Room through to $90 a night for the Admiral Suite.

The Oahu wing annex which was completed six months after the main building in June 2007 comprises 54 rooms 9 of which are Jacuzzi rooms. The design is essentially the same as the main building with three stories of rooms all based around a central atrium on the ground floor.

On a side room just by the entrance is a parlor which is very popular with the girls and guests alike. On the other side is currently a vacant room however plans are underway to make this into a pizzeria.

The Pacific Breeze is in many ways an extremely functional hotel. There are 106 rooms all very decently priced. The rooms vary in size and opulence depending upon ones budget but the bottom line is there is something for everyone in this hotel. It is centrally located and there are a number of extra services that travelers expect from modern day hotels. Of special note is the friendly staff who on the one hand are extremely efficient and hard working yet on the other hand they always find time to say hello and smile at you. When we were compiling this report we crossed paths with several staff members all of whom were working hard but still managed a cheery hello and a warm smile.

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