Orchid Inn
Ok I will state right from the beginning this has always been one of my favorite hotels. I remember it well when it was opened in 1993 as a smaller hotel with only 24 rooms. The rooms were average size but they were always spotlessly clean with TV's, air conditioning, comfortable beds and clean bathrooms. The food was always good and the hotels location even back then just couldn't be beat.

So this hotel provided the basics and it did it well. In many ways the original hotel reminded me of an upmarket motel so predominant on the long stretches of highway that criss cross Australia.



109 Raymond St., Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines 2009

+63 (45) 322-0370
+63 (45) 892-2403
+63 (45) 892-2653
Fax. +63 (45) 322-2790

Website: orchid inn hotel.com

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Standard Room1,800p
Superior Deluxe Room2,900p
King Deluxe Room3,200p
Flamingo Jacuzzi Room4,700p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

In addition Orchid Inn offers all Asian Escapades members a further 10% discount 10% Discount on your total hotel bill.

Pool Area

Dinning Area

Room area

In many ways this was all that was required by the customers visiting Angeles back then as was shown by their 96% occupancy rate.

The Orchid Inn was very popular with a steady supply of loyal patrons but in 1998 the owners took a gamble and decided to renovate the existing hotel and expand by building a whole new wing called the Hibiscus Wing. The Hibiscus wing was opened in September 1999 bringing the total number of rooms to 51.

At the time this expansion was a bold innovative move and I can still remember the nay-Sayers making comments like, "it will never work" "there isn't the market for an upmarket hotel amongst the visitors to Angeles", "these guys are having themselves on", "keep it cheap and nasty that’s what Angeles is all about". These were fairly typical of the negative comments that were circulating when they first built the new wing however history has proved the skeptics wrong and the hotel to this day is as popular as ever.

Along with the new wing came a brand new swimming pool surrounded by a tropical garden setting with outside eating facilities and an outside restaurant featuring an extensive menu and satellite TV for people to enjoy international sporting events.

Due to the ever growing demand for rooms the owners took a further gamble in year 2000 and added another 33 rooms in the form of the Jasmine Wing. This bought the number of rooms up to 84 making it the biggest and best centrally located upmarket hotel.

To get to the Jasmine Wing you have to cross over a road but this has been made easy by the advent of an overpass leading directly to the third floor of the wing from the main garden.

This hotel has a distinctly Australian flavor to it. For example there are maps of Australia on some of the walls of the hotels corridors. The restaurant has a decidedly Aussie feel to it with a typical Australian menu Australian newspapers, Australian sports being played live and a bunch of Aussie regulars who invade the bar area on weekends to bet on the horses or the footy.

The newer wings design wise resembles a Spanish Hacienda but that is where any resemblance to Spanish architecture ends. The rest of the hotel is unashamedly Australian.

From the large swimming pool with plastic deck chairs, the lush tropical garden, featuring separate tables with giant umbrellas providing the shade, reminiscent of the classic Aussie beer garden.

You will notice the hotel is named as the Orchid Inn Resort/Hotel and this is named so for a reason. They have deliberately tried to create a sort of tropical resort feel to this hotel and a major factor in that is the large swimming pool in a tropical garden setting.
When we asked the manager how important is the pool and the garden he replied "it is the central feature of this hotel. The guys can come and enjoy a swim any time of day or night as well as a good feed from our restaurant which is open 24/7".

The idea is to create a resort type of atmosphere where people even though they are smack bang in the middle of Balibago can feel like they are a million miles away in a tropical paradise.

This is also a great place to take your honey-ko for a swim and get something to eat. Even though it is in a central location there are areas of seclusion in the garden making it a romantic rendezvous or just a damn fine way to escape the summer heat.
The rooms are a good size with nice comfortable beds and all the necessary mod cons. Each room has a powerful air conditioning system, clean bathrooms, cable TV, and extra wardrobe space for those burdened down with luggage, a room safe, and very often a view over the pool.

The front of the Orchid Inn is still the old building from 1993 although it has been slightly renovated over the years it still maintains its unique character and feeling.
As you enter the small understated front entrance the hotel rapidly expands in front of your eyes. Through the front door you are greeted by a large informal restaurant/meeting place/recreational area.
Slightly further inside is the main reception area and travel agency area. The ladies at the front desk are extremely helpful and in my experience can arrange just about anything upon request.

The constantly busy yet extremely efficient and friendly staff at the front desk. Just across from the front desk is a little travel agency which offers a variety of services not just booking tickets. For those of us with our own transportation vehicles the secure parking is an important feature. The parking for Orchid patrons and visitors is literally just round the corner from the hotels front entrance. It is manned around the clock by hotel security and there are also surveillance cameras.

Recently on AE there has been quite a stimulating discussion about the Orchid Inn hotel. Some people have pointed out that it has been here for a long time and that it is looking a bit worn and shabby when compared with the newer hotels such as the Wild Orchid and the Pacific Breeze. Others such as me have supported the hotel for a number of reasons not the least of which is the astounding amount of memories the place holds for me.

Admittedly the hotel could do with a little sprucing up but this in no way detracts from what is essentially one of Angeles classic hotels. This hotel still has the perfect location, friendly efficient staff, good sized rooms at a decent price, a great ambience, a fantastic swimming pool, good food served 24/7, a loyal following and an occupancy rate other hotels would kill for.

With the advent of hotels such as the Pacific Breeze, The Wild Orchid the ABC and the Clarkton’s new wing the Orchid Inn has now been somewhat overlooked and yet their occupancy rate at the time of this report was an astounding 96%.

If you are looking for a good medium priced hotel with a superb resort ambience, a great swimming pool, a lush tropical garden setting, secure parking, friendly efficient staff, decent sized clean rooms with all the mod cons and most importantly, a centralized location, then you can't go past the Orchid Inn.

The Orchid Inn is simply a great hotel which holds many memories for numerous AE members who have stayed there. Best of all the Orchid Inn is very AE friendly and will give a 10% discount off your total bill should you present your AE membership card.

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