Natalia Hotel is situated on what is locally referred to as upper Fields Avenue and it is one of these places that I notice every time I drive past on my way to work and I say to myself I wonder what that hotel is like. Well today it was time to satisfy my curiosity and I arranged to meet young Phoenix in the downstairs lobby and from there do a review for AE members. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this is very obviously an establishment run and owned by Filipinos which normally means there will be a number of short comings but from what I could see there were very few of the traditional problems and this establishment was run surprisingly smoothly and efficiently.



L4/B2 Fields Ave. Balibago Angeles City
Tel #: +6345 625 6278


Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Deluxe1,900p10% Discount
Twin Queen Size Bed2,400p10% Discount
Executive2,200p10% Discount
Junior Jacuzzi2,200p10% Discount
Presidential Suite4,000p10% Discount
Inludes Free Breakfast

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Executive Room

One of the room

Natalia Suite

To be honest this review got off to a shaky start. As Phoenix and myself walked in we approached the main receptionist, introduced ourselves and gave her the standard spiel regarding the Asian Escapades Review and like so many other Filipina receptionists she gave me the blank non comprehending look and uttered those immortal words
“for a while sir”. Whenever I hear the "for a while" accompanied by the blank look I know I am in trouble so taking a hint from Phoenix who was whispering in my ear ask for the manager I promptly did as I was told and asked for the manager.

The receptionist now had her way out and as soon as she heard this she realized this was something that was within her capacity especially since if she could find the manager then she could pass the problem of this incomprehensible foreigner onto someone else and it would no longer be her problem. We waited for about five minutes until I was starting to get a little peeved so I went to the receptionist again and asked for the manager to which she replied "Ai" and then promptly hailed a Filipino gentleman standing in the corner. As I thought she had completely forgotten that we had been waiting for the manager.

The manager approached us and shook hands while I gave him the spiel regarding the hotel review. After my brief speech I noticed he was about as bewildered by the whole thing as the receptionist had been initially so we took him over to one of the computer terminals in the internet café which is part of the downstairs lobby and showed him some of the other hotel reviews we had done. As he viewed them I could see comprehension slowly begin to dawn and then he asked me “so this is free advertising” to which I replied “exactly and everyone benefits”.

In the downstairs level there is the main reception area a coffee shop which seats up to forty people, a large lounge area that is used mainly as we did for a waiting area and then approximately ten computer terminals which are free for hotel patrons. The coffee shop area is brightly lit tastefully designed and would make the perfect venue for starting ones bar hoping day or evening. Heck they even have a decent range of coffee there. In the right hand corner there is the main receptionist area which acts as the central hub for the hotel and on the left hand side there is the computer terminals and lounge area. This is a large lobby area and is in many ways multifunctional and goes way beyond just being a reception area for the hotel. Noticeably this area is spotlessly clean, well lit and gives a general impression of comfort combined with modern functionality.

The Natalia hotel is seven stories high and composed of 40 rooms. The breakdown is 1 Presidential Suite, 1 Junior Jacuzzi, 21 Executive rooms, 6 twin bed rooms, 6 deluxe rooms and 5 standard rooms. The rooms can be reached by the elevator which is in the hallway at the end of the main lobby area. Personally I was quite impressed with all the rooms we were shown. Every room is spacious and they all seemed to have the basic amenities that are required in today’s modern hotels. All rooms have a double bed, a small kitchen area, a large refrigerator, ample cupboard space, WiFi access, large modern bathrooms with good water pressure in the showers and all are tastefully decorated and very reasonably priced. These are your basic rooms which in fact are larger than most rooms in Angeles hotels. If I was to find fault with the rooms fault with the rooms it would be that some of them do not have enough natural lighting due to the lack of windows and this gives them a little bit of a box like feeling. Having said this I must stress that overall I was impressed with the rooms here and I think they represent decent value for money in anyone’s terms.

The premier room here is not surprisingly the Presidential Suite and for 4000 piso a night this is in my opinion one of the best value rooms in Angeles. The Presidential Suite in terms of area is the size of 3 standard rooms all combined and it encompasses a large queen sized bed, a comfortable lounge, a separate kitchen area, a microwave oven, a large flat screen TV, split type air-conditioners, tasteful decorations and an outside Jacuzzi area with a sun shade and brilliant view of Fields and the surrounding area. The outside Jacuzzi area is really quite impressive and would make the perfect area for private parties. This is a huge room and for 4000 piso a night it is in my opinion one of the best value rooms in Angeles.

Another room type that took my notice was the twin bed room. There are 6 of these rooms and all of them have two large beds, a separate kitchen area, a large bathroom and best of all excellent lighting due to the windows and balconies. These are large rooms and perfect for the family of four or more. The main room type in this hotel is the Executive Room. There are 21 of these and they retail for 2,200 piso a night. These are large rooms with natural lighting, large double beds, built in kitchens, large televisions, large bathrooms and windows offering views over Fields Avenue and the surrounding area.

The major attraction of this hotel I would say is it’s location. It is literally smack bang on Fields Avenue and as such offers easy access to the bars on both sides of checkpoint. It is also virtually next door to Margarita Station and within walking distance of several major restaurants. In my opinion the Natalia offers excellent value for money and should not be overlooked by patrons looking for a decent hotel with easy access to the bars and with realistically priced rooms. Currently the Natalia does not offer the Asian Escapades discount but negotiations are underway and we hope to be able to secure this discount in the very near future.



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