Originally known as the Vegas Hotel the Perth Hotel was first opened in 1995. In 2001 it came under the ownership of it’s present day operators and they have maintained a smooth running and very reasonably priced establishment ever since. The Perth Hotel is designed to appeal to what I refer to as the middle market customers visiting AC. It does not try to attract the top end customers but rather those customers who want a good medium priced hotel that offers all the basic amenities, a comfortable friendly environment, a handy location and a competitive price structure. The Perth Hotel has developed a loyal clientele base over the years and remains a favorite hotel amongst AC veterans.



Embassy Court, Malabanias Road Plaridel 1, Angeles City

Phone: +63-45-892-6666, +63-917-516-2210
Fax: +63-45-892-6001


Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Standard Room1,095p
Deluxe Room1,395p
Superior Room1,695p
Suite Room1,895p
Family Room2,300p

Price Updated On: 03/10/14

Room Amenities

The Pool

Room area

When first entering the Perth Hotel one is struck with an impression of friendliness and experience. From the friendly receptionists through to the office personnel and room cleaning staff everyone is smiling, friendly and surprisingly efficient. As you walk in through the solid glass doors which are opened by an armed guard you will see on your right hand side the large reception desk and on your left a wooden settee and office administration area. Next come the long corridors which lead to the rooms and these are on both your right and left hand side. Once you get past the corridors on the right hand side there is a nice bar area which is well stocked with the necessary alcohol and the friendly staff are there to greet and serve you 24/7. Behind this is a restaurant area which is currently under renovation. Off to the left is a couple of sturdy wooden tables which serve as the main eating area whilst the restaurant is being renovated.

Keep going straight ahead and you come to what I consider as the central attraction of this hotel and that is the swimming pool and courtyard area. The pool at the Perth Hotel is approximately 20 meters long and 7 meters wide and is in an oblong shape. Nestled of to one side is a smaller kiddy pool with a fountain. This is a great location to bring your date or that special someone. The pool is open to non guests but it is expected that these people will partake in food and beverages as a courtesy for the free use of the swimming pool.

Around the pool are a series of tables all with big umbrellas providing the necessary shade from the sweltering sun. This is a decent sized area which can easily handle large groups of people or offer those precious moments of privacy should they be required. Over the years I have visited the Perth Hotel on numerous occasions and have never found the pool over crowded even though there are many guests staying at the hotel. Around the pool is concrete with tropical vegetation. This is not particularly visually appealing but it is functional especially when it rains.

One thing I really like about this area is the fact that there are a series of wooden tables here which make the perfect place to enjoy a meal and beverages prepared by the hotels well trained and very experienced staff. There is a special sort of ambience about this area and I find it a relaxing and stress free environment a world away from the hectic partying of the bars.

What better way than to spend a quiet afternoon recharging the batteries and contemplating the night ahead with a special friend listening to the tranquil sounds of the tiered waterfall.

Any hotel is only as good as it’s rooms and in the case of the Perth Hotel the rooms are perfect for the mid range customer. The rooms all feature a large queen sized bed, WiFi, air-conditioning, cable television, a small refrigerator, a regular sized bathroom with hot and cold water, a decent sized wooden wardrobe and a telephone. The rooms are divided into 16 standard rooms priced at 1,095 piso, 11 deluxe type 1 rooms priced at 1,295 piso, 7 deluxe type 2 rooms priced at 1,395 piso 1 superior deluxe room priced at 1,695 piso, 4 suite rooms priced at 1,895 piso 1 family room type 1 priced at 2,300 piso and 1 family room type 2 priced at 2,500.

The Standard rooms are just your basic hotel rooms with all the amenities you may need. They are all situated on the ground floor and can only be accessed by walking the long corridors which are a trademark of this hotel. The standard rooms are classic mid range AC hotel rooms they are nothing flash but they are certainly more than comfortable enough to spend a week or two in whilst visiting Angeles.

The Deluxe rooms are a step up from the standard and offer a little bit more room. The superior deluxe room is bigger once again and slightly more luxuriously appointed. The suite rooms are larger once again and the family rooms are large and easily capable of hosting a four person family. The best one of these is the poolside room which literally opens up right onto the pool and courtyard area when you step out the front door. The family rooms at 2500 peso per night are in my opinion some of the best value rooms in Angeles.



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