Daniela’s Place
One thing I like about Angeles is that it has a diversity of hotels. They range from top of the scale 5 star hotels to bottom of the line 1 and a half star glorified apartment buildings. There is a world of difference but most especially when it comes to price. Hotels like the ABC can have rooms for 1000 dollars a night whereas places like Daniela’s has rooms for as low as 500 piso a night. That’s one hell of a big difference and clearly demonstrates the truly diverse market that now composes Angeles.

I will say it from the outset, if you are in the market for a luxurious five star lavish experience then this is NOT the place for you.



Next door to the VFW.
315 Pinatubo St, Clarkview, Malabanias, Angeles City, Pampanga 2009 Philippines.
Mobile No: 0920-2009-924 0920-30-93218
Office no: 045-892-6841
Email: danlyon45@yahoo.com
Website: www.danielasplaceangeles.com

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Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Deluxe Fan Room850p5,600p
Standard Air Room1,100p7,700p
Deluxe Air Room1,300p8,500p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

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Kitchenette area

Pool area

Relaxing balcony

However if you are looking for a decent, safe, secure, no frills accommodation then look no further than Daniela’s place. In my opinion Daniela’s place is perfect for the backpacker, budget traveler or long term stay. Basically this place is budget accommodation with rooms ranging from 500 piso per night for a minimum of 2 nights through to a long term stay of one year for 5000 US dollars. The thing that really struck me was how perfect this place was the market it was trying to attract. The prices are right, everything you may need is there, it is clean and organized it’s right next door to one of the best value restaurants in town (the VFW Restaurant), there’s a small swimming pool, they have internet and there are even special promotional events conducted on a weekly basis.

Daniela’s place kind of reminded me off the cheaper sorts of places that I used to stay in twenty years ago when in Manila. It is basic yet it has everything a person may need, the emphasis here is on value accommodation rather than ostentatious luxuriousness. This is not about spoiling ones self or pampering but rather just having good clean decently priced accommodation.

Daniela’s place has all the basic services that make life just a little bit easier and the budget travelers stay a little more comfortable. It is wheelchair friendly with rails for the handicapped to grab and in some rooms special toilet seats, land line internet rooms & WIFI internet connection, hot and cold shower they have mains water plus a 200 foot well, nice clean lobby area with comfortable lounges overhead fans and flat screen TV’s plus a mini library. In the center of the hotel there is a small but functional swimming pool surrounded by a nice courtyard area where visitors and hotel guests can mingle in perfect harmony. There are a couple of tables poolside which seat four and they are covered by beach umbrellas. In front of the pool is a mini-bar /kitchenette area which serves not only as a social gathering place for guests but also as a place where people can cook should they choose to do so. The mini-bar area is also quite impressive because for me it is one of the best stocked bars that I have come across in Angeles. Given that this is a budget Apartelle with an emphasis on a basic approach I found it kind of amusing that the mini-bar stocked these imported goods. The hotel also has a generator, air conditioning and fan only rooms plus there is a maid service and free parking for hotel guests with a 24 hour security guard.

What I really liked about this hotel was the atmosphere. On their promotional brochure they claim “friendly atmosphere, you’ll feel like your at home”. And this is exactly what this place felt like to me, there was a friendly laid back atmosphere reminiscent of a rather large Angeles home.

Everybody is friendly and helpful and the staff were all smiling and eager to answer any queries that I had. And best of all there is Free coffee for all guests every morning. One thing about this hotel is that it is deceptively big. From the outside it looks like a small appartelle sort of establishment but once inside it is surprisingly large. Far from being a small operation containing a minimum number of rooms this hotel actually contains 55 rooms.

Talking of the rooms they are basic yet they certainly get the job done. The beds are large double beds, there is a fridge, a small television and a small kitchenette area where cooking can be done inside the room. Outside there is a small closed in area where washed clothes can be hung to dry and inside there is a small table with two chairs that serves as a writing table or a coffee table. The furniture and fittings are basic yet they are clean and certainly all you really need.

I really liked Daniela’s Place and was quite impressed with what it had to offer and the prices it incorporated. There is definitely a friendly feel to the place and for budget accommodation it certainly offers everything you may need. The only problem I can see is its location in that it is a fair hike from Fields Avenue however if you know your way around, this is only a very small problem. If you are on a tight budget or simply wish to make your money last longer so you can stay in Angeles for a longer period of time then do yourself a favor and check out Daniela’s Hotel as I have a feeling it would meet your requirements perfectly.

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