Remember the famous song by the Eagles, Hotel California, well now Angeles has it’s very own Hotel California. The hotel in the song was certainly different and in my opinion the same can be said for the Angeles version. This hotel is certainly different and to be honest I am at a loss how to describe it. In some ways it reminds me of days gone by and it is very much like some of the old school Angeles hotels that proliferated here in the 90’s. The hotel is primarily targeting the Korean market with Korean food being advertised on the in house menu’s Korean instructions in the elevator and Korean signage however despite the Korean slant I got the impression that



21-A Malibanas Road Plaridel 1 Angeles City Pampanga
Smart Mobile: 0920-9640-578
Globe Mobile: 0917-510-3155
Land Line: 045-322-5572 / 624-6255
Internet Phone: 070-8624-3705 / 070-8623-3705

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Deluxe old building$45.31
Deluxe new building $56.64
Executive old building$67.96
Twin new building$70.23
Executive new building$79.29
Superior king bed $113.27
Family suite (2 adults + 2 children)$135.93

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Deluxe A

Executive B

Pool Area

other nationalities were more than welcome and the staff were friendly and helpful.

My initial impression was that this was a large building that had obviously been here for many years even though in it’s present guise as Hotel California it is relatively new. Upon further investigation I found my initial impression to be correct, this is a big old building with five floors on a decent sized block of land.

I parked my bike undercover from the rain out the front but was told by the guard that this area was for hotel patrons only. I explained that I wouldn’t be long and I was here to take photos which I would use to advertise the hotel. This explanation seemed to confuse him so I took advantage of his quandary and pushed my way past into the building.

As one enters the building the first thing that one notices is the subtle mix of old and new. Representing the old there are a number of carved wooden seats which have been sculpted by local artisans along with some cane furniture. Then representing the new, right in the middle of the room is a type of internet area with various laptops and big screen computers available for guests to use. Off to the right hand side is a large room where At the end of this area is the front desk which is manned by two attractive and friendly receptionists who seemed unfazed by my presence and simply directed me to a back office area. Once out back I went through my spiel again which when finished was greeted with a friendly smile and the words, “certainly sir please come with me”. Next thing I knew a young man had a huge bunch of keys in his hand was gesturing for me to follow him upstairs and onto the second floor where my tour of the rooms would begin.

The rooms at the Hotel California are divided into 9 different types and are as follows. The Standard room P1000, Deluxe rooms P 2000 -2500, Executive Rooms P 3000-3500 Twin bed room P3500, Twin Room Executive P4000, Superior King Size P5000. As you can see by the pricing structure this hotel has a wide range of different rooms from the affordable and basic Standard room through to the expensive and huge Superior King size room.

Despite their differences all the rooms have certain elements in common. All feature polished wooden floors, comfortable queen sized beds, flat screen TV’s, soft ceiling overhead lighting, a bathroom with hot and cold water showers, a writing desk and separate lounge seat, room service menu (95% Korean dishes), heavy drapes on the windows and of course air conditioning together with fans.

Some of the rooms are designed as twin occupancy and would in fact be great if you have more than 1 girl or sharing a room to cut down on costs or have a family with you. All the rooms have decent air conditioning systems and windows and others have balconies.

Like the lobby the rooms are an interesting mix of new and old. All the rooms have polished wooden floors and basic furniture which reminds me very much of how the hotels used to be back in the early nineties yet contradicting this and representing the new are the flat screen TV’s and the modern efficient air-conditioning systems.

In the cheaper rooms the room area is a lot smaller as is everything inside however they are still clean and for an overnight budget stay, provided you can handle a certain level of sparseness, would be perfect. These rooms were slightly up-market from the rooms I used to stay in while a young man experiencing the wild times of Manila. They are slightly better than pension house rooms and even though nothing flash they get the job done and are certainly comfortable enough for those on a short stay and operating within the confines of a tight budget.

The next level up are the Deluxe Rooms which once again are basic but they get the job done. They differ from the Standard room in that they are bigger and more spacious, the beds are bigger, the furniture is of a higher quality, there is a larger flat screen TV and the bathroom is bigger. Next up we have the Executive rooms which feature a King Sized bed, a more spacious environment, plusher furniture, a bigger bathroom with more amenities , a large built in wardrobe and a writing desk.

The next up is the Twin occupancy rooms. Basically these rooms are larger and feature 1 bed room with two beds next to each other. These are designed for groups of people who like to stay together and share the costs. This is very common in many Asian countries. One of these rooms was impressively large and included a huge living room with plush furniture a large flat screen TV, a mini-bar, a separate bedroom and best of all a balcony overlooking the back of the hotel. Next in line we have the twin rooms which is basically 1 room with 2 separate bedrooms a large living room furniture, mini-bar and a large flat screen TV.

And saving the best for last we have the huge Superior King Size room. This is a large room on the 4th floor which features a big bedroom with an extra large and extremely comfortable king size bed, There is also a spacious living room with a comfortable lounge, a mini bar and a flat screen TV. A special feature of this room is the balcony which runs for about twenty feet and looks out over the road. Okay the view is not exactly impressive but it is still nice to have the option.

The rooms in this hotel are interesting and overall I think not bad value for money. Whilst they may not be the most modern rooms in Angeles as there are certainly newer plusher hotels in AC these rooms do have a certain atmosphere to them. They remind me very much of how the rooms in Angeles used to be 15 years ago except they have a few modern features that were not around back then. This hotel including the rooms is very obviously designed for the Korean market and they even have a room service menu in Korean and English but featuring exclusively Korean dishes.

Behind the main reception area is a swimming pool area and I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever seen a swimming pool design quite like this one. When I was there the water was greenish and it was obvious the pool rarely sees the sunshine and is not properly maintained which is a shame because the pool in my opinion is certainly an added benefit of this hotel.

As I was departing I took a few extra photos of the reception area and noticed the sign above the reception desk advertising an in house massage service and a classy looking “western restaurant”, however I did not have the time to photograph the restaurant and will save that for another day. Overall I would rate this hotel as a three star. I think the cheaper rooms although basic are good value for money as are the mid range deluxe and executive rooms however given the hotels location, the design of the expensive rooms together with the lack of luxury items such as spas, large bath tubs, rain water showers Jacuzzi’s, panoramic views, large dining tables etc I see the hotel having a hard time trying to maintain occupancy of the more expensive rooms. Then again I am thinking about the Caucasian market and this hotel is very much geared towards the Korean market so it may be totally different.

Would I recommend staying at this hotel, to be honest is I really cannot say. There are some positive aspects and some glaringly obvious negative aspects, which makes it very hard to come to a final decision. I think the best approach is to calculate your budget and if it is within 3000 a night for accommodation and you don’t mind staying slightly out of the way in a hotel that is currently geared towards Koreans, then yes, by all means try it. If on the other hand you desire a certain level of luxury and a location close to the bar scene and Fields Avenue than I think there are better options for you.

Negotiations are currently underway to secure the AE discount at Hotel California.



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