For those of you looking in from the outside it may well seem there is a new hotel going up in Angeles every week. This of course is not the case but the fact is Angeles is expanding rapidly and at the forefront of that expansion is the development of new hotels.

The latest hotel to be developed is the Aussie and Irish owned Boomerang Hotel.

Named after the Australian Aboriginal boomerang,“a flat, curved, usually wooden missile configured so that when hurled it returns to the thrower” the Boomerang is distinctly Aussie in feel and approach.



Address: Corner of Sierra Madre St and Mayon St. Angeles City, Philippines 2009
Phone: +63 999.993.7090

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Outback rooms1,700p
Poolview rooms 2nd floor1,800p
Pool view rooms 1st floor2,000p
Poolside rooms ground floor 2,000p
Family rooms 2,500p
Verandah room2,500p
Jacuzzi room3,100p
Jacuzzi / Family suite4,100p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Jacuzzi room

Poolside room

Family Room

The Australian owner is also the full time manager who is present at the hotel 365 days a year and when talking with him I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of his experience and attitude when it came to running hotels in the Philippines.

The Australian manager/owners name is Dave Lindsay and he has had experience running hotels in the Philippines, for the last ten years. The Irish owners name is John Burnett who also has many years experience in the hotel business.

Dave's past experience includes running the Swagman Hotel and Blue Rock in Subic. When I chatted with him I was impressed with his obvious knowledge and management priorities. For example when I asked him what separates his hotel from others he stated three distinct advantages. Firstly his philosophy is to give the guest a friendly yet well organized experience hopefully resulting in the guests desire to like the boomerang always return. Secondly the rooms are brand new, they are large, they are meticulously clean and they include many mod cons that comparatively priced hotels do not. Thirdly the hotel is priced so as to give the guest good value for money and last but by no means least the hotel is only 50 yards from Perimeter Road and some of the primary bars of this area.

I assumed the owners chose the name to indicate Australian ownership and management however when I asked them Dave surprised me by telling me we chose the name Boomerang because we wanted to make our guests experience so enjoyable that like the boomerang they always came back.

There are lots of little factors that contribute to making the Boomerang Hotel something special. Firstly the rooms are large and immaculately clean. Secondly the rooms include many features that are not present in comparatively priced rooms. For example they have large 32 inch flat screen TV’s in every room, the hotel also has cable feed which offers 96 channels including movie channels and of course a comprehensive range of sports channels. The restaurant and bar area is open 24/7, there is a small open air swimming pool in the central courtyard which guests on the ground floor can literally stumble out of their room and fall into, embracing the cooling waters which provide the perfect hangover cure and all the rooms open to the courtyard which means the guest is never walking down long, narrow enclosed corridors that seem to be a hallmark of the older Angeles Hotels.

The primary selling point of most Angeles hotels is the rooms and in the case of the Boomerang the rooms are in my opinion nothing short of excellent value.

Each room has WiFi access, there is room service 24/7 and the location offers a quieter private environment which is only a two minute stroll from some of Perimeter Roads best bars.

Upon entering the rooms I was impressed with how clean they were, and how they emphasized comfort-ability.

All the rooms feature king sized beds with 12” orthopedic mattress, 4 comfy pillows, air conditioning and ceiling fan, mini-bar, in room safety box and in room WiFi. There are other rooms which feature a large balcony overlooking the quiet street and letting a cooling breeze flow through the room and rooms which feature brand new Jacuzzis perfect for those who feel like a dip in there own private hot tub with their chosen partner for the night.

In my opinion this is an excellent new hotel which should make a welcome addition to the Angeles hotel scene. The owners and managers philosophy of friendly efficiency is clearly evident in little things like the free shuttle service which runs between the hotel and Fields Avenue 11AM through to 11PM, the fact that the manager is active and working 365 days a year, the fact that they go out of their way to help their guests which includes free transportation and advice and best of all the considerable discounts that the hotel offers and the fact that they actually paid for resurfacing the road so it is easy for patrons to get from the hotel to Perimeter Road.

The owners also stressed to me that they wanted to promote their restaurant and bar area which by the way is open 24/7. This is a nice well lit area with numerous overhead fans to keep things cool. Because the hotel is so new, at the current time they have a medium sized menu which is still under development but the owners have assured me that even though it is a work in progress it still offers a large range of delicious food and drinks more than adequate for hotel guests and visitors.

In terms of the discounts the Boomerang offers the following. For AE members they honor the 10% discount. The hotel will also gives 20% discount but patrons must stay for a minimum of one month for this to be applicable.



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