Blue Rock
For many years Blue Rock was the iconic Subic Hotel. First started back in 2003 and it was the first what I call mainstream, modern day hotel on Baloy beach. Prior to Blue Rock there was a number of hotels in the Baloy Beach area but these were mostly during the eighties and revolved around the American navy personnel.

After the Mount Pinatubo explosion and the Americans pulling out the scene around Baloy pretty much died and catered towards the occasional tourist but mostly Filipino visitors. This was true until Blue Rock hotel came along which represented a modern day hotel catering for a defined tourist market,



Address: Baloy Long Beach,
Barrio Barretto Olongapo, Philippines
Tel: +
Cell: +63.910.511.5142
Fax: +


Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

>Standard Back Rooms1,500p
Deluxe Back Rooms1,800p
Beach Front4,950p
Beach Front with Lounge2,350p
Beach Front Rooms2,450p
Standard Beach Front With Veranda2,100p
Deluxe Beach Front With Veranda2,680p
Superior Beach Front With Veranda3,150p
Executive Beach Front With Veranda3,850p
Junior Suite Pool Side4,950p

Price Updated On: 01/10/14




and at the same time providing a welcome venue for the local expats to congregate in while enjoying a meal and a few drinks. The local expats helped form the unique social scene that is very much part of Blue Rock but I will talk about that in another section.

When it first started Blue Rock was a bit of a gamble in that the area was not exactly frequently visited except by Filipinos during special occasions and national holidays. The founders were mostly guys who were long time visitors and/or residents of the Philippines who believed in the Disney motto “build it and they will come“. They built it and it wasn’t long before people were becoming regular visitors. At the time Blue Rock represented not only a substantial investment but also a faith in the area and what it had to offer.

The Blue Rock has always been proudly Australian and represents part of the Aussie invasion that replaced the Americans in both Subic and Angeles. Being Aussie influenced the hotels focus is threefold. Firstly there is an emphasis on good rooms at a ‘fair dinkum’ price. Secondly there is a distinct emphasis on the ‘great outdoors’ in this case the great outdoors being the actual bay and all the activities associated with it. Thirdly there is definitely an emphasis on great “Aussie tucker” and the fantastic food at Blue Rock has over the years become this hotels trademark.

The Blue Rock has a large range of rooms which vary in price and offer guests a range of different experiences. For example there are the standard back rooms which cater for the budget traveler. These rooms are tucked away in the back recess of Blue Rock and offer excellent value for money for the budget traveler. The majority of the rooms and indeed the entire focus of the resort is on the beach and the bay. The Blue Rock has a number of different types of beach front rooms ranging from the standard and deluxe beach front rooms through to the Superior the Executive and the Junior Suite beach front rooms. All the beach front rooms are a decent size and offer splendid views of the beach and Subic Bay. All the rooms are a decent size and incorporate the basic mod cons to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one. Most importantly I believe the rooms here are a decent price considering these days they represent prime beach front real estate. The rooms range from 1500 for the basic rooms through to 4500 for the suites.

A major selling point of Blue Rock is its location. Being situated right on Baloy Beach and being owned by Australians the Blue Rock has a heavy emphasis on outdoors activities mainly those associated with the water.

For example they have a Jet-Ski hire and a diving center in the hotel. There is also a floating bar and the hotel even has it’s on ‘banka’ boat which is subcontracted by the hotel and will take guests for day trips around Subic bay. The entire Blue Rock in my opinion revolves around the beach and there is a type of uniquely Filipino/ Australian ambience that pervades throughout the hotel. In a way the Blue Rock restaurant and bar area is the central hub of Blue Rock and in many ways this reminds me of a beach side pub with grub that can be found in many Australian coastal towns. Guests and locals alike will congregate around the bar enjoying a few cold ones while tucking into a meal and enjoying the cooling breeze blowing off the bay. This is a great outdoors area with a vibrant social scene and in my opinion one of the strong points of the hotel.

The Blue Rock restaurant is a critical part of Blue Rock and has to some extent become the major selling point of this hotel. The Blue Rock restaurant to my mind is divided into three sections. The first is the upper level which revolves around the wet bar area. The wet bar has a number of seats where locals and expats and hotel guests congregate for a drink a snack and a chin wag as the Aussies would say. This area is a circular bar which supplies a wide range of drinks and snacks and acts as a social congregating point for a wide range of people the likes of which would probably never meet in the outside world.

The second section is the upper dining area. This area is composed of a number of tables which serve as dinning tables for the restaurant guests. Normally they will be occupied by couples or people wishing to have some privacy in what is always a popular and well frequented restaurant. The third area is the lower section or the main body of the restaurant which includes the famous Blue Rock grill supplying what have become renowned as the best steaks in the Philippines. But the menu doesn’t stop at steaks and there is an exhaustive range of local dishes, dishes from across Asia and even some expertly prepared European dishes. This restaurant has an enviable reputation and is always well frequented by locals hotel guests expats and even guests from other hotels.

Blue Rock in many ways is your archetypal Subic Hotel. With decent rooms, a beach side location, a brilliant restaurant and of course and extensive information network designed to help hotel guests and a well established transportation system this is certainly a hotel to consider when visiting Subic. The Blue Rock has a little bit of everything and best of all it maintains competitive prices. If you are visiting Subic check out Blue Rock the iconic Fil-Aussie Subic hotel … it’s a beaut joint, fair dinkum mate.



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