The Arizona has long been one of my favorite hotels in Subic and it is to my mind the classic Subic Hotel. Currently it is run by an Australian management team the members of which have over 30 years experience in the Philippines. This factor alone ensures that the Arizona is a functional well run hotel perfect for guests visiting Subic.

For me the Arizona is the classic iconic Subic hotel. It is in a handy location, it has decent sized rooms which are reasonably priced, it offers easy beach access, the food is superb and a friendly atmosphere all of which keeps customers coming back for more.



Address: 47 National Highway, Barrio Barretto
Phone: (0)47 2244557 or 2244559

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Room No.Daily
Economy Rooms (2)Rooms 2 & 91,390p
Standard Rooms (5)Rooms 2 & 91,590p
Deluxe Rooms (12)Rooms 1-252,395p
Superior Rooms (4)Rooms 4, 8, 21,222,980p
Family Rooms (3)Rooms 11, 24,263,700p
Premier Room (2)Rooms 27, 294,000p
Ocean View (1)Room 313,980p
Ocean View (2Rooms 28, 32, 334,888p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Ocean View Premier Room

Ocean View Premier Room


There are a number of hotels in Subic all of which offer something special for their guests but for me the Arizona is my favorite because it seems to be a complete package. Following are the advantages of the Arizona hotel as I see them.

The first big advantage is it’s location. The Arizona is located on the left hand side just as you come into Barrio Barretto heading from the base or Olongapo. This location affords it splendid beach access as well as being only a 5 minute stroll from the heart of the bar action on the Barrio Barretto strip. There are other hotels closer to the bars but for me when I am visiting Subic I am on holiday and as such I like my hotel to be slightly away from the bar scene yet close enough to allow easy access should I need it. The Arizona in my mind is in the perfect location and achieves this delicate balance of bar accessibility and privacy very well.

One of the main factors in any Subic resort is beach accessibility and when it comes to this, the Arizona excels. The hotel is literally right on the beach and the beach area designated to the Arizona is kept spotlessly clean by the hard working Arizona staff. There is a floating bar (but more on that later) the outside restaurant with its sumptuous cuisine is situated right beside the beach and some of the rooms are directly over the beach and offer panoramic views of Subic bay.

The second big advantage for me is the restaurant and the food it serves. The Arizona literally has some of the best food in the Philippines and at very reasonable prices. The restaurant is situated in the open air courtyard in the front of the hotel directly over looking the beach. From what I can see the restaurant is composed of three parts . Firstly they have the behind the scenes kitchen which produces the majority of the standard menu food. Secondly they have the wet bar area which serves the food and drink and thirdly they have the grill area which is manned by the famous Dallas and specializes in grilling an assortment of fresh seafood and of course the juicy tender steaks that people come from miles around to enjoy.

The main menu featuring a dazzling array of dishes and in my experience they are always a decent size, taste great and are competitively priced. The wet bar area also doubles as a congregating point for locals and hotel guests alike and on any given day you will normally find people gathered around here swapping a few yarns and enjoying a few cold ones or a quick snack. The wet bar is made even better by the friendly vivacious staff who always greet their patrons with a friendly smile and a cheery hello. Interestingly, the Arizona management

has recently invested in a number of salt water tanks which keeps the seafood alive and customers can choose their own items and have them grilled right then and there.

Another advantage of the restaurant is that it is large so it offers quiet areas where couples can sit and relax enjoying a great meal while reveling in each others company and viewing idyllic Subic bay scenery. There is a warm friendly atmosphere throughout the entire restaurant and I think this comes from the ever attentive staff whom always seem to be there greeting guests and attending to their needs.

Many say that a hotel is only as good as its rooms and when it comes to the rooms the Arizona fits most peoples needs. Okay the rooms are not expensively luxurious but they are all a decent size, they all have the required amenities, the beds are large and comfortable, they are quiet and some have brilliant beach views with large balconies overlooking Subic bay. The Arizona staff and management are hard working and pay attention to detail which means the rooms are constantly checked, are immaculately clean and are maintained to the highest standard possible. Best of all the rooms are competitively priced with the prices ranging from 1,250 piso a night for the Economy Rooms through to 4,500 piso a night for the rather impressive Ocean View Premier room.

One major selling point for me has always been the atmosphere. There is a friendly courteous atmosphere throughout the entire hotel. From the guard who directs you as you park your car through to the friendly and efficient front desk receptionists who always greet guests with a warm smile and a friendly hello and the ever cheerful restaurant staff whom always seem pleased to see you. This friendly atmosphere is coupled with well honed efficiency. The Arizona management team has many years of experience and the connections they have in Subic are quite impressive. For example the front desk staff can arrange transport to any tourist attractions in the Subic area or for that matter to just about anywhere in Luzon. Most people use them to travel back and forth between Subic and Angles but they also have a service which takes people to Manila.

Another major advantage of the Arizona is its floating bar. There are actually 3 floating bars in the Subic area at the time of writing but the one I like the best is the Arizona Floating Bar. This is a well stocked bar in a great location that offers some truly dazzling views of serene Subic Bay. This is the ideal place to watch the sun go down while enjoying a quiet drink and the company of someone special. As an added attraction they also have a number of girls who work on the floating bar and these ladies are always fun to play with.

The Arizona in my mind offers almost everything a man could want when visiting Subic and it does so at very competitive prices. If you are already a regular patron of the Arizona you will know exactly what I mean but if you are yet to stay there, on your next trip to Subic check it out. I am willing to bet you won’t be disappointed.

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