The Eurotel-Hotel Angeles City is part of a Philippine based hotel chain, with branches in Las Pinas Manila, Pedro Gil Manila, Makati North Edsa, Baguio, Angeles and soon in Boracay. The idea behind this chain is to offer good clean functional accommodation at a realistic price. This is what I loosely refer to as a mid level hotel. It is not an up-market hotel such as the Lewis Grand or the ABC and it is not a rat trap like some of the traditional budget hotels in Angeles. This is simply modern, clean, functional, yet no frills, accommodation.

The Eurotel chain is expanding rapidly and they are plannings another nine branches in major Philippine cities.



Address: Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City

Contact details for inquiries or reservations;
Phone: 0454372964 or +632999888


Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Studio (Queen)2,150p
Standard 1 (Queen)2,620p
Standard 2 (2 Singles)2,720p
Euro Suite 1 (Queen)2,970p
Euro Suite 2 (2 Singles)3,070p
Euro suite 3 (2 queen and single)3,585p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Euro suite 2 queen and single

Standard 1 queen


The concept behind the hotel in the beginning was to provide a cheaper alternative for Filipinos who wished to combine business and accommodation in one venue. The emphasis was on cleanliness, efficient service, nicely designed rooms appointed with the mod cons, a variety of different room types and of course an emphasis on competitive pricing.

It seems that hotels like this are expanding and becoming the trend in modern day Philippines, so I would speculate that maybe they have indeed catered for a section of the market that was previously unnoticed or perhaps ignored.

What I find interesting about hotels such as this is the way they feature modernity without becoming cold and impersonal. Many hotels are organized and run efficiently as a business but they somehow lose the friendly appeal and become almost machine like. This is particularly the case with hotels that are part of a large hotel chain but in my opinion the Eurotel Angeles is saved from becoming cold and machine like by its professional and friendly staff. I was very impressed with their friendliness and eagerness to help and these attributes extended from the hotel manager right down to the junior bell boy. The staff also exhibited good general knowledge about the hotel and were quick to answer any inquiries I would make. I honestly believe that without the staff this would be just another mid range airport hotel. Yes its clean, organised and functional but it takes the staff to add the magic ingredient which results in a welcoming friendly ambiance thus distinguishing this hotel from others of its ilk nationwide.

On their official website they describe how they base their hotels on a passion for service excellence and if my visit was any indication then they have certainly achieved this in the Angeles branch.

The Eurotel is designed to encompass a wide segment of the hotel market in Angeles from overnight visitors through to extended stays and business conferences. In fact they have a large function room which is perfect for wedding receptions, or corporate functions and seminars. Most importantly this is rented out at a very competitive price.

The most important aspect about any hotel is always the rooms and whilst the rooms here may not be large, they are extremely clean and functional incorporating all the basic needs for the modern day hotel guest.

The studio queen room is small but extremely clean and incorporates all the basic needs of the average hotel guests.

The room includes 1 queen size bad, 1 hair dryer, a hot and cold water shower, 24 hour cable television together with an in house movie channel, an efficient and powerful air-conditioning system, and free in room WiFi. The price also includes a free breakfast. Extra beds may be added for PHP 750.

The standard 1 queen room incorporates one queen sized bed, one hair dryer, hot and cold water shower, cable television and in house movie channels, powerful air conditioning, and Free WiFi. This price also includes a free breakfast.

The standard 2 single features 2 single size beds 1 hair dryer, hot and cold water shower, cable television and in house movie channel and free in room WiFi. The price also includes a free breakfast.

The Euro Suite 1 (queen) features 1 queen sized bed, 1 hair dryer, hot and cold water shower together with a bathtub, cable television, mini refrigerator, air conditioning,and an in room safety deposit box. The price for this room also includes a free breakfast.

The Euro suite queen and single incorporates exactly the same features as Euro suite 1 except that it has one queen bed and one single bed.

The Euro Suite twin 2 also has exactly the same features except that it has two single beds.

All rooms have room service and the hotel features a restaurant which is open 24/7. This restaurant features mostly Filipino dishes but from what I saw they are nicely prepared and include good quality ingredients.

As I said earlier I was quite surprised by the staff with their professional yet friendly approach and indeed on their website they sing the praises of their staff and encourage guests to ask about directions, flight connections, shopping suggestions, help with transportation or just recommendations of fun events and fun times guests can have.



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